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CRAFT BEER of the month




Imperial Stout

It’s getting cold out there and the days are getting darker. This means it’s time for an adequate beer. For the Christmas holidays we want to present to you our limited edition, „Tonka Imperial Stout“. The Tonka Imperial Stout is perfect for any occasion and goes well as an after dinner dessert. Roasted malts, chocolate, and roasted aromas distribute to the pitch-black colour. The tonka beans were carefully macerated in the finest whisky and make this a 10% Alc, with a semi-sweet marzipan sensation. The bottles were hand sealed with red wax and stamped with the Dr. Brauwolf logo in order to extend the longevity and to give this beer the exclusivity that it deserves.

ALC 10.0% VOL



Hazy IPA

Collab Brau Rebel

What do the Swiss call the border between Zurich and Basel? We don’t know, but it could potentially have something to do with Aargau; since we try and forget this suspect place. Long story short, the brave Brau Rebels from Basel went on a secret mission to brew a collaboration beer with Dr. Brauwolf in Zurich, with hopes of showing Switzerland that there is no space for segregating politics in the craft beer community. This resulted in a 6.2% hazy IPA, brewed with WLP067 yeast and Strata, Sabro, Azacca, and Summit aroma hops.

ALC 6.2% VOL



Cherry Pastry Stout


Two years after our first successful collaboration with Maryensztadt, which resulted in the popular Maracuja Sour, we teamed up with the boys from Warsaw again. For the upcoming colder days, we created a Cherry Pastry Stout, which resembles a black Forrest cake with cherries, cream and dark chocolate. This new age style stout clocks in at only 5.2%, which makes it super approachable without failing to tickle your taste buds.

ALC 5.2% VOL



Pink Lemon Sour

Modern Berliner Weisse

It’s hot out there! Feel like a fresh lemonade or a fancy colourful cocktail? Well, we would like both, but we still prefer beer. That’s why we combined all three things in the form of a Pink Lemon Sour. Fresh Sicilian lemons make the lemonade and the pea blossom flower give it the fancy pink colour you normally come across in cocktails. Everything brewed together makes for this crazy colourful and thirst-quenching sour beer with 4.2% ABV.

ALC 4.2% VOL



Sour IPA


Last year’s release of the Sour IPA started a new era for Dr. Brauwolf in the form of super fashionable canned beer. Because we liked it so much, we decided to brew it again for the summertime. This beer is a heavily hopped Sour IPA containing the premium hop strains Amarillo, El Dorado, Mosaic and Bitter Gold. Fruity hops combined with a mild acidity and a sweet body, this 5.8% Alc. IPA will make you lovers of sour beers and hoppy IPAs go bonkers!

ALC 5.8% VOL



Mango DIPA


Look at this colour, did you say Mango? Yes, it’s our Mango DIPA! This was our first craft beer of the month (CBM) back in 2017. After a long wait, it is finally back with a slightly improved recipe. This beer comes with a 100% fresh Ecuadorian mango puree and dry-hopped with 2019 Yakima hops (El Dorado, Azacca, Simcoe), which makes this monthly special a fruity hop bomb that comes in at 8.4% ABV. Let the summer days begin!

ALC 8.4% VOL



NEIPA Collab Levatura

Double dry-hopped New England IPA

With huge excitement we teamed up with Levatura early this year to discuss a novel approach on our NEIPA. As hops is a crucial component of a NEIPA, we did not want to hold back and added good amounts of Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe, Azacca and a new experimental strain called HBC 342. However, this collab is about the crazy yeast they propagate at Levatura, so we reached out to Lucien. Finally, this beauty comes with an extra touch of fruitiness from a mixed fermentation of beer and wine yeast.

ALC 6.0% VOL



Röstigraben 2020

Kveik Saison

After the first two successful Röstigraben Brassin in 2019, Dr. Gab’s and Dr. Brauwolf teamed up again. This year we expanded our territories towards Ticino and got Officina della Birra on board to overcome the infamous ‘Polentagraben’. For this Saison-style beer we used Farina Bona from Ticino, which was fermented with Kveik yeast from Vaud and added Zurich Hops. Melissa from Ticino completed this unique Swiss craft beer.

ALC 4.0% VOL



Bourbon BA Wit

Witbier with Yuzu and Rose Pepper

The cold and rainy winter days persist and the desire for barrel-aged beers prevails. After a long series of imperial stouts and high alcohol sour ales we dedicated ourselves to a softer and lighter version of a barrel-aged beer; A Bourbon Barrel-Aged Witbier with Yuzu and Rose Pepper. The fine scent of bourbon paired with the taste of yuzu, rose pepper and wheat were completed with a wild yeast fermentation in a wooden cask that leads to a slightly sour after taste. The result is a smooth, delicate and well balance wheat beer with 5.4%.

ALC 5.4% VOL



Session IPL


Life tells us some beautiful stories. Sometimes two people meet for drinks, spend an exciting night together and then wonder the next morning: ’What’s your name again?’ Usually there are no consequences after such nights, but when Barona from Portugal came to visit Dr. Brauwolf the other week, there were! As the first CBM of the year we would like to present to you a Session India Pale Lager with 4% ABV; crisp, easy drinking, and with a delicate hop character. A big thank you goes to MOM Brewers from Portugal and to Probier, who both helped to make this collaboration happen.

ALC 4.0% VOL