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CRAFT BEER of the month




Imperial Stout

Year after year, when the days become shorter and darker, our Tonka Imperial Stout comes to you. As always there is only a very limited number of bottles available and to emphasize the exclusivity of this beer, we hand-waxed and stamped the bottle necks with our Dr. Brauwolf logo. Roasted malts distribute to the pitch-black colour and the chocolate and roast aromas. The tonka beans were carefully macerated in the finest whisky and round up this more than 10% heavy craft beer with a semi-sweet marzipan sensation. This makes for a perfect dessert beer to share after a heavy winter meal with family and friends.

ALC 10.0% VOL




Belgian Dubbel

Dear Santa, thank you for your early visit this year and we are so excited to share with our friends, family, and loyal customers that this year’s gift was delivered as a craft beer, made with all the seasons greetings; mandarin, peanut, and cinnamon. The ingredients are delicately incorporated into a Belgian Dubbel, which makes this Santa Claus Beer a 7% ABV and it will definitely cheer you up during the upcoming season. Conveniently, we also have our beer fondue available for you to enjoy at home with family and friends over the holidays. Ho Ho Ho.

ALC 7.0% VOL





The boys and girls from Yardbird are back at the brewery to organise our yearly hot wings contest. For this special occasion we brewed a collab beer in the form of a Grapefruit Session IPA. Crushable 4.8% ABV, a tinge of bitterness and Citra dry-hopping to round up a refreshing citrussy IPA to take down the heat level of the stupid hot wings (if that is even possible!). It was painful, fun and entertaining, but now let’s just look back and enjoy with this delicious yardwork beer.

ALC 4.8% VOL





Last year we teamed up with Brau Rebel from Basel and released a beautiful Hazy IPA with WLP067 yeast and Strata, Sabro, Azacca, and Summit aroma hops. Because we liked the peach notes from the Sabro so much, we wanted to recreate this beer using the currently popular Verdant IPA yeast and an adjusted hops profile. With the summer around the corner, we also started our canning season, for you to take this beer to the lake or your next pool party. Thus, this delicious brew comes in a sexy can design. Get ready for a 6.2% Hazy IPA with Sabro, Azacca, Galaxy and Strata hops and dive into the world of peach rings.

ALC 6.2% VOL




Modern Berliner Weisse

It’s (hopefully soon…) getting hot out there! Do you feel like a fresh lemonade or a fancy colourful cocktail? Well, we would like both, but we still prefer beer. Thus, we combined all three things in the form of a Pink Lemon Sour. Fresh Sicilian lemons make the lemonade and the pea blossom flower give it the fancy pink colour you normally come across in cocktail bars. Everything brewed together makes for this crazy colourful and thirst-quenching sour beer with 4.2% ABV.

ALC 4.2% VOL





Check out this colour! Is it a fruit juice or a beer? It’s the Mango double IPA! The colour and the smell represent the 100% fresh Ecuadorian mango puree, where your pallet will indulge with the 2020 Yakima hops Citra, Simcoe and Azacca. Where these world clash is where our newest CBM was born, a fruity hop bomb with 8.4% ABV. We are ready for the summer that we desired so much!

ALC 8.4% VOL



Sour IPA

Collaboration Brew with DOTW

For quite some time Drinks of the World and Dr. Brauwolf have been partners. To show our appreciation for their support, we decided to collaborate on a very popular beer of ours, the Sour IPA. IPA’s have been very popular for almost a decade now, while sours only just became popular amongst craft beer drinkers in the last couple of years. We decided to tweak our last year’s approach to a Sour IPA and added Amarillo and Mosaic aroma hops and the local Swiss bittering hops Magnum from Stammheim in the canton Zurich. The body remains mildly sour with 5.8% ABV. The outcome is a very drinkable and hoppy allrounder.

ALC 5.8% VOL



I π A

India Pi Ale

Happy π-day everyone! Some people believe π is the answer to the universe, for us it is just another reason to celebrate craft beer and science. The I π A is a 6% classic American IPA with tropical, floral, lemon, and grapefruit attributes. The name derives from the addition of 3.14…-part water to 1-part grist, which resembles the number π. For this year’s approach we experimented with Falconer’s Flight. A blend of Pacific Northwest hops that includes the 7 ‘C’-hops Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Cluster, Columbus, and Crystal. Can you taste the π? Probably not, but you can certainly taste the many ‘C’s in this beautifully hoppy craft beer. We are all about the „Where Beer Meets Science“ slogan when it comes to creating a craft beer like this one.

ALC 6.0% VOL




Cream Ale

When you see the snow, do you crave vanilla cream on apple pie? If so, we got you covered! Our Vanilla Cream Ale brings the sensation of thick and creamy vanilla right to your cosy home. This Craft Beer of the Month is made with fresh Bourbon vanilla, full bodied, and is a 5% cream ale that will make you forget about that apple pie. This craft beer was first released back in 2018 and we figured it’s time for a comeback!! Easy on the malt and hops, but still a sensational taste and a perfect blend of flavours.

ALC 5.0% VOL