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CRAFT BEER of the month




Imperial Stout

Christmas is around the corner and so is Santa, who annually brings you our Tonka Imperial Stout. There is a very limited number of bottles available and to emphasize the exclusivity of this beer, we hand-waxed and stamped the bottle necks with our Dr. Brauwolf logo. Roasted malts distribute to the pitch-black colour and the chocolate and roast aromas. The tonka beans were carefully macerated in the finest whisky and round up this 8.5% Imperial Stout with a semi-sweet marzipan sensation. Perfect to enjoy as a dessert after a heavy Christmas dinner with family and friends.

ALC 8.5% VOL



Kveik Dark Ale

w/ Juniper & Botanicals

Something well worth waiting for. The long-lasting friendship between Turicum Distillery and Dr. Brauwolf goes back to the origins of Dr. Brauwolf, when Turicum came to visit the newly opened brewery and we discovered our shared vision: A local product from Zurich for Zurich. Oliver, the distiller, and Stefan have ever since been in touch to discuss recipes and inspire each other. Now the time has come to present the offspring of this collaboration in the form of our latest Craft Beer of the Month, a dark beer with 6.1% Alc, brewed with the Scandinavian Kveik yeast and juniper, and aged with wood and hand-picked pine tips.

ALC 6.1% VOL



West Coast


An American style wheat beer, brewed with a 50/50 blend of wheat and pilsner malt and dry hopped with the classic “American C’s” hops. The beer pours naturally cloudy from the yeast and has a fruity and fresh hoppy aroma. It comes with a balanced mouthfeel, a body finishing dry and a refreshing bitterness.

ALC 5.5% VOL



Aussie Hop BomB


The Aussie hop bomb is a little tribute to our brewers favourite native hops, with a rich malty backbone to support the assertive bitterness. the collective aroma and flavour of galaxy, enigma, eclipse and Vic secret, brings out pungent passion fruit, pine, orange and subtle mixed berries. Best enjoyed from your favourite shoes.

ALC 6.7% VOL



Citrus Sour

Mandarin & Lemon

The citrus sour is your classic clean Berliner Weisse, simplicity of the malt and hops allows for the mandarin and lemon to really shine through. This crisp can drinks fruity, clean and refreshing and light on alcohol for enjoying the long summer days.

ALC 4.2% VOL





What a beautiful dark orange colour! And how thick is this liquid? Is it a fruit juice or a beer? It’s the Mango double IPA! The colour and the smell come from the 100% fresh Ecuadorian mango puree and the 2021 Yakima hops Simcoe and Azacca. Where these worlds clash is where our newest CBM was born, a fruity hop bomb with 8.4% ABV. We are ready for the summer that we desired so much! Indulge your craving and please your palate!

ALC 8.4% VOL



I π A

India Pi Ale

Happy π-day everyone! Some people believe π is the answer to the universe, for us it is just another reason to celebrate beer and science. This year’s I π A is a cold IPA, which is basically German malts fermented warm with a lager yeast, Azzaca, Idaho 7 and mainly falconers flight hops, a blend of Pacific Northwest hops. The name derives from the addition of 3.14…-part water to 1-part grist, which resembles the number π. It’s crisp and clear, has a dank and fruity aroma with some subtle malt character underneath. It has an assertive hop character, flavour throughout and finishes dry and bitter. A very drinkable beer for 6% abv. So once again we say: ‘Where Beer Meets Science’!

ALC 6.0% VOL



Röstigraben 2022

Oatmeal Golden Ale

In 2018, Dr. Brauwolf in (ZH) and Gab’s in Puidoux (VD) teamed up and initiated a beer series called “Röstigraben.” In doing so, this collaboration would build a bridge over a divide that can only be found in Switzerland. Now in 2022, this edition of Röstigraben is a collaboration between three Swiss breweries: 7Peaks (Morgins, VS), Dr. Brauwolf and Dr. Gab’s, with a special focus on oats as the main ingredient of our national Birchermüesli!! and let’s not forget about the Chocolate! The cocoa beans complete this aperitif as a version of your own breakfast; or vice versa, the choice is yours.

ALC 6.3% VOL




Cream Ale

Snow, ski and apple pie with vanilla cream! You are craving the ski holidays, but you are sitting home in quarantine? No worries, we got you covered. Our Vanilla Cream Ale brings the sensation of thick and creamy vanilla right to your cosy home. Made with fresh Bourbon vanilla and sweetened with lactose, this 5% cream ale make you forget the apple pie. Easy on the malt and hops, but still sensational in taste and flavours. Welcome 2022!

ALC 5.0% VOL