CRAFT BEER of the month


Bourbon BA Wit

Witbier with Yuzu and Rose Pepper

The cold and rainy winter days persist and the desire for barrel-aged beers prevails. After a long series of imperial stouts and high alcohol sour ales we dedicated ourselves to a softer and lighter version of a barrel-aged beer; A Bourbon Barrel-Aged Witbier with Yuzu and Rose Pepper. The fine scent of bourbon paired with the taste of yuzu, rose pepper and wheat were completed with a wild yeast fermentation in a wooden cask that leads to a slightly sour after taste. The result is a smooth, delicate and well balance wheat beer with 5.4%.

ALC 5.4% VOL



Session IPL


Life tells us some beautiful stories. Sometimes two people meet for drinks, spend an exciting night together and then wonder the next morning: ’What’s your name again?’ Usually there are no consequences after such nights, but when Barona from Portugal came to visit Dr. Brauwolf the other week, there were! As the first CBM of the year we would like to present to you a Session India Pale Lager with 4% ABV; crisp, easy drinking, and with a delicate hop character. A big thank you goes to MOM Brewers from Portugal and to Probier, who both helped to make this collaboration happen.

ALC 4.0% VOL




Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

With excitement we present to you a barrel-aged beer for the third time this winter season. This one is a very limited edition, with only seven 750ml bottles and a handful of 330ml bottles being released. This 14% Imperial Stout had been barrel-aged on a Guadeloupe rum barrel and then refined with home grown damsons. The rich and malty dark chocolate flavours combined with the sweet damson and the oak and rum notes from the barrel, make this complex beer a taste experience you want to share with your best friends to warm their hearts and souls on these cold and dark nights.

ALC 14.0% VOL



Imperial Stout

Guadeloupe Rum Barrel-Aged

Wintertime is when the brewers begin to empty their barrels. For the second time this season, we proudly present a barrel-aged beer; An Imperial Stout conditioned over a year in a Guadeloupe Rum barrel, sitting at 13% ABV, with fine oak and rum notes and a sweet chocolate finish. This is a limited release and it deserves an elegant appearance, therefor we have carefully hand stamped a wax-seal to each bottle neck, which makes every bottle a unique masterpiece.

ALC 13.0% VOL



Joy Ride

Aronia Sour Ale Rioja Barrel-Aged

We have long been working on our second collaboration with Maryensztadt from Warsaw, Poland, but the wait was well worth it. Today we release an Aronia Berry Sour, barrel-aged in Rioja barrels for no longer than 9 months. The result is a purpure coloured sour delight at 8% ABV, with a smooth note of red wine and a bit of funkiness. We are more than excited to release this as the first member of this year’ barrel-aged series.

ALC 8.0% VOL



Sour IPA

India Pale Ale

A new era has begun for Dr. Brauwolf in the form of super fashionable canned beer. Canned beer? No, we won’t release a watery lager that you would get at a corner store. This new release will be a heavily hopped Sour IPA containing the premium hop strains Amarillo, El Dorado, Mosaic and Bitter Gold. Fruity hops combined with a mild acidity and a sweet body, this 5.8% Alc. IPA will make you hops lovers go bonkers!

ALC 5.8% VOL



Session IPA

India Pale Ale

The days are getting shorter and the hot Summer days are in the past, yet you are still thirsty. Before you stow away your barbecue and leave your Hawaiian shirt in the wardrobe, come and enjoy another fresh IPA. A beer made for the ones who aren’t ready for winter just yet: Dr. Brauwolf Session IPA – floral hop profile, finest Saison-yeast and low in alcohol with only 4.1% Alc. Summer’s almost gone, but not yet.

ALC 4.1% VOL



Röstigraben 2.0

Brut IPA

Introducing Volume 2. of our collaboration with Dr. Gab’s (VD)! The year of the potatoe continues and with it the chance to highlight that despite everything, we are not so different; after all, we all love both potatoes and beer!! Keeping with the seasonal vegetable vibe, we offer you our take on a farmhouse Brut IPA with a hearty beetroot addition instead of conventional dry hopping.

ALC 6.2% VOL




Tripple dry-hopped New England IPA

Oh my hops volume 2! Yet, New Englad IPAs are desirable and trendy for the lovers of craft beer. We With a new yeast and new hop strains we coined the second version of our beloved NEIPA. Three American and two hops from Zurich ensure a wonderful hoppy experience. The special yeast adds to the fruity and cloudy characteristics of this beer. Let’s get this while it lasts at Dr. Brauwolf: Ready, steady, go!

ALC 6.0% VOL



I π A


I π A is a classic West-Coast style IPA; 6% vol., dry and bitter, hoppy and fruity. The distinct hop aroma was achieved by the addition of a special blend of Swiss (ZH) and American hops. This is our new brewer Jakub’s first brew as part of the Dr. Brauwolf family. The name derives from the addition of 3.14…-part water to 1-part grist, which resembles the number π. Additionally, this IPA was dry-hopped on March 14th, which is internationally known as π-day. So once again we say: ‘Where Beer Meets Science’!

ALC 6.1% VOL





Two of the most renown Doctors of Switzerland pulled their medical knowledge together to fight the war on the Röstigraben disease. To honour this scientific proposition, they developed a medication named ‘Röstigraben Brassin’, which is available as we speak. ‘Röstigraben Brassin’ contains Rösti and fresh organic quince as the active ingredients and 5.4% ethanol and Humulus Lupulus as preservatives.

*For risks and side effect please consider your doctor or pharmacist.

ALC 5.4% VOL




Tonka Imperial Stout

For Christmas time Dr. Brauwolf has a special release for you, a limited edition of a Tonka Imperial Stout. A mix of roasted barley gives this craft beer a wonderful dark colour, vanilla and chocolate aromas and an ABV of 8.5%. Tonka beans were carefully macerated in finest Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey and added to the beer for a semi-sweet marzipan note to round up the heavy body. The bottles were sealed with red wax to extend longevity and to give this beer the exclusivity that it deserves.

ALC 8.5% VOL





Do you want to get high, man? Autumn is the time for harvest for hops, but also for weed. To honour this occasion, we present our HI-PA, a dry-hemped Pale Ale with the finest indoor weed buds directly from Zurich. This craft beer of the month won’t get you high, but the natural flavours and aroma will induce such associations with the connoisseurs. Peace.

ALC 5.0% VOL




Triple dry-hopped New England IPA

Oh my hops! New England is the IPA of the hour and what is special about an IPA? Exactly, the hop! We ventured into a beer style with the mission of mixing in a concentrated load of hops. Three hop plugs, an alcohol content of 6.7% and the typical cloudiness of the style result in this triple dry-hopped New England India Pale Ale from Dr. Brauwolf.

ALC 6.7% VOL



Collaboration Brew

Maracuja Sour

Almost one year after Dr. Brauwolf opened its doors, we present to you our first sour beer for the summer month of July. In collaboration with Maryensztadt from Poland we created a passionfruit Berliner Weisse with 4% vol. The fresh passionfruit juice from Ecuador was added during fermentation and adds an exceptional fruitiness to this beer. In addition to the mild sourness the huge amount of fruit juice makes for a ideal summer beer.

ALC 4.0% VOL


WM 2018

Hopf Schwiiz


The Summer of 2018 is all about the World Cup in Russia. The Swiss national team travels with lots of talent, while the fans at home show support them with just as much passion. ‘Hopf Schwiiz’ we chant at Dr. Brauwolf and elevate the euphoria with the newest creation. A hoppy Lager, mild and easy drinking is the perfect match up for the Swiss beer lovers.

ALC 4.6% VOL



Matcha Beer

Spring has arrived and Dr. Brauwolf has released a matching beer for it. Fresh Japanese Green Tea powder, Japanese hops and orange peel on a light wheat ale base makes for a well-balanced and refreshing thirst quencher for the sunny spring days.

ALC 4.3% VOL





Another IPA coming out of Dr. Brauwolf and yet again it isn’t a generic one. This time we created a full-bodied, extremely citrussy Rye IPA (pronounced Rye-PA). Rye adds to the body and the hops used in this Craft Beer of the Month balances the heaviness with amazing lemon-like freshness.

ALC 6.1% VOL



Vanilla Cream Ale

Our Vanilla Cream Ale was made with fresh Bourbon vanilla sticks, a light malt body, and easy on the hops side, which makes it a true vanilla bomb. The creamy mouth feel makes the vanilla aroma stick to your gums just like eating a vanilla ice cream. Forget the vanilla sauce on your apple pie, come and drink a Vanilla Cream Ale instead!

ALC 5.0% VOL




coconut chocolate milk stout

The first stout ever made by Dr. Brauwolf is a coconut, chocolate milk stout, with freshly crushed chocolate nibs by Taucherli, and toasted coconut flakes. The addition of lactose makes this a thick and heavy chocolate bomb, that leaves a creamy mouth feel just like after eating the freshest Swiss chocolate.

ALC 7.4% VOL



Mango Dipa

The first Craft Beer of the Month by Dr. Brauwolf doesn’t fail to surprise. With 100 hand-cut fresh Spanish mangoes, loads of American hops, and a high alcohol content of 8.4%. This double IPA is a hoppy and fruity craft beer that may lead to a serious buzz effect.

ALC 8.4% VOL