How to get your Craft Beer

  • Our webshop continues to offer Swiss wide door to door delivery in the form of 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs. We ship twice a week, so you should receive your order within only a few days. Please consider our website for available beer styles and prices:

  • WEEKLY PICK-UP ON THU/FRI 16.00-18.00

    We closed our taproom and shop, but you can make an order online and pick up at the brewery at our take-away counter. Please send an email with your order to and we will prepare the beer for you. Only one person a time can be served, so please inform us about your estimated time of arrival and respect other customer’s space.

    PRICES: Regular 6-Pack 20.-, CBM 6-Pack 25.-, Regular 24-Pack, 75.-, CBM 24-Pack, 90.-
    LOCATION: Räffelstrasse 26, 8045 Zürich


    We offer 24 packs for home delivery within the city of Zurich. Please send an email with your order to and we will deliver the carton of beer to your door. Please advice at what time you will be home and have twint, card or cash ready for the payment. Also please leave a phone number, so we can call you in case we cannot find your door.

    PRICES: Regular 24-Pack, 85.-, CBM 24-Pack, 100.-
    LOCATION: Home address in Zurich city


    If you want to pair your online beer order with food, please consider our partners. Restaurants ‘The Bite’, ‘Brisket’, ‘Yardbird’ and ‘LA Brea’ offer fresh food to your door via ‘Uber Eats’. Farmy is an online retailer and offers regional food and drinks if you prefer to prepare your own meal at home. If you would like to mix and match your craft beers from different breweries, please consider Intercomestibles, Beerhub, Streetonaut, Craftbrew, Smartbeer, Alehouse and The Crafts.

    Selection Widmer delivers in the Lucerne area directly to your doorstep. – The Bite, Brisket, Yardbird, LA Brea – Zurich city area – Lucerne area
    The Crafts